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                 ABOUT JANE
I trained as a nurse at the Middlesex Hospital in London and then specialised in Gynaecology.  I became a junior sister and later Night Sister at Soho Hospital for Women.  Then I became a Sister at The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital in London.  After getting married and having 2 children, I decided to train as an aerobics instructor in 1996, teaching step, aerobics, aqua aerobics and body conditioning.  I taught mainly at leisure centres in Cardiff and later in Camberley in Surrey. 
When we moved to Bath, I bought the Rosemary Conley Franchise and ran 9 classes a week for 3 years.  I did further extensive training with Rosemary Conley obtaining qualifications in nutrition, weight management, personal training and circuits.  I sold the franchise in 2001 and decided to concentrate on personal training work and continued to teach exercise classes in Bath.
In 2002, I completed a course in Cholesterol testing and also went to London to do a course in Matwork Pilates. My son was born this year too! 
I then taught regular classes in Pilates and now include the most effective exercises in all my exercise classes.
In 2004 I ran 2 marathons within 3 weeks...(just call me Forest Gump!) ..it was a tricky year for me!
I also completed The London Marathon in 2009 and usually you'll see me doing the Bath Half.
In 2007 I became a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, in 2008 I became qualified to teach beginners Power Plate and in 2009 I became an advanced instructor.

I currently teach 5 aero-tone-ilates classes each week, and 4 Pilates classes. I launched the Walking Fit Club in Bath in March 2010 ...

There are 5 walks each week from the best pubs and restaurants in Bath and Bristol. They are one hour, circular fitness walks which vary from week to week.  There are currently 58 different walks and about half the group stop for a coffee or lunch after the walk...very sociable!!

In August 2012 I completed and my level 3 advanced teacher qualification acheiving a diploma, specialising in Pilates which involved being examined on my class, an  advanced anatomy and physiology exam and a personal training case study. I passed with 'flying colours' (according to my tutor). I have now launched the pilates + toning  classes that combine Pilates with the most effective toning exercises with the help of bands and weights to improve core strength and tone the body from the inside out! It also includes functional Pilates that works core muscles at various angles to improve complete core strength and prevent injury to the back in everyday life. Also, the class includes Balance work which is now recommended in all fitness programmes. 
In June 2013, I qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor and I run 3 Nordic walks each week and provide the poles ..see www.walkingfitclub.com
I competed in the Corporate Games in Coventry in July 2013 and came second in the ladies relay and received a medal.
I attended and passed a course in Sports First Aid in August 2013, July 2015, August 2017, July 2019, July 2022
I have done the warm-up for the Bath Midnight Walk for Dorothy House for many years for 1000 ladies in the centre of Bath  and lead the walk. 

In July 2017 I qualified as an'Align and Define' instructor.

In August 2017 I passed a course called Fitness Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions and had to sit an exam and complete 2 case studies

In Jan 2019 I did the training to teach Hedgehog (The Hog) Pilates and we use the hedgehogs in all the classes.

In July 2019 and 2022 I attended and passed a React First 2 day outdoor first aid course in London.

I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professsionals and Cimspa updating on practice and technique every year.

I also continue to do personal training and teach Power Plate and sometimes have time to read books....only on holidays!!!
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